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Let's aim higher and develop the next wave of accessible life-saving therapies together.

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Advanced therapy manufacturing specialists

Quality by integrity

Quality by integrity

We work to identify and balance the quality and yield that is appropriate for your process.

Adaptability is in our DNA

Adaptability is in our DNA

We invest heavily in enabling technologies to ensure our platform meets your process needs instead of fitting your process into our platform.

Serving patients by serving our partners

Serving patients by serving our partners

When we deliver on our promises, you deliver life-changing therapies to patients faster and more affordably.

Scalable support

At Ascend, we pride ourselves as a thought partner for AAV development and offer tailored services to fit every stage of your development cycle. With scientific innovation at our core, our team holds extensive experience in supporting your pre-clinical and clinical needs through our scalable AAV manufacturing platform and suite of world-class analytical capabilities.

We take our responsibility to customers seriously because our customers impact lives

Successful clinical products
Bioreactor runs up to 200L
PHD Staff

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