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Ascend is a specialist AAV development partner working to support the next-generation of life-science innovators in bringing gene therapy products to patients. Our team of experts offer unparalleled insight and collaboration in delivering your products from the bench through the clinic and beyond.

With scientific innovation and quality at the core of our business, our transatlantic team of industry experts strive to support you at any stage of your developmental journey. From our world-class analytical toolkit to our highly scalable AAV platform and next-gen technologies, we take pride in delivering both high-yielding and high-quality products.

Our mission

Ascend is on a mission to create the most effective, highest-quality, scalable gene therapies possible to improve human health.

Our vision

We have developed an efficient and streamlined model that helps customers to aim higher and achieve more than traditional biomanufacturing models.

Our philosophy

Our one overarching philosophy is to Aim Higher in everything we do.

  • Higher levels of customer service
  • Higher yields of AAV
  • Higher purity of fully loaded vector
  • Higher sensitivity of assays
  • Higher proportion of milestones met
  • Higher number of batches per year

Meet the team

Meet our leadership team, and board, who are all passionate about making advanced therapies more affordable and accessible.

Our investors

Monograph Capital
Petrichor Healthcare Capital Management
4Bio Capital
Cathay Health
Deerfield Advancing Healthcare
Digitalis Ventures

Our locations

Alameda, USA

Alameda is at the intersection of the Biotech Bay and Silicon Valley in California, the leading scientific state in the United States. This Ascend hub is focused on research to build quality into each process from the start.

London, UK

London forms part of the “Golden Biotech Triangle” in the United Kingdom, the leading country in Europe for scientific innovation. Ascenders at this location are focused on internal operational excellence.

Munich, DE

Munich is Germany's top region for biotech and the country ranks second in Europe for leadership in science. The team at this Ascend hub focus on process development and the evolution of the analytical platform.

Explore the latest news & insights

Part of our job is staying up to date on trends and keeping you informed. See what's happening at Ascend and across the industry, including key insights from our expert team.