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Want to aim higher?

“Aim higher” is a sentiment that reflects the internal culture at Ascend. We are looking to create more transparent and deeper connections that net better results. It is understood that every interaction gives us the chance to raise the bar internally and for the industry, and that there is great value in doing the right thing, even if it is not the easy thing.

As Ascenders, our intention is to meet every day with the mindset of aiming higher, to enable safer and faster progress in advanced therapies that stands the test of time.

Our values

In addition to the philosophy, “aim higher”, we hold ourselves to three core values that encapsulate our central commitments, both to our customers and to one another:

Quality by integrity

We set high standards, putting quality and evidence first to seek the best solutions.

Adaptability is in our DNA

We are forward-thinking problem solvers, driven by developing science to deliver the best therapies.

Serving patients by serving our partners

We can depend on each other, and on the organisation, to deliver goals and services.

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Are you looking to join a team where you can Aim Higher in your professional AND personal goals? Our team is continuously growing across the globe.

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Don't see the role that's the right fit for you and your aspirations? Get in touch, tell us what would be, and we'll do the rest.

Ascender testimonials


Chengzhong, Principal Scientist

"Ascend here in Alameda has a great company culture and excellent management, but I especially value our amazing team. Every colleague is dedicated to advancing the field of gene and cell therapy."

Miriam, Senior Associate, People Team

"I really enjoy how we're always improving and working together towards our goals. We go through the ups and downs as a team, facing challenges and celebrating exciting moments. It's great how we stick together through it all."

Beatriz, Upstream Technician

"Startup life offers the chance to build processes from the outset, with the freedom to bring ideas and a sense of belonging. What I love most about Ascend is that you can do it with not just co-workers, but friends."

Sean, Validation Specialist

"I relish the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects, collaborating with Subject Matter Experts from different areas, and having to adapt to new environments. This challenges me to grow in my professional career."

Life at Ascend

A great employee experience is about more than a retirement savings plan or staff discounts. We have built this company knowing that employees are our greatest asset and are dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that is welcoming and enjoyable, while ensuring employees have the resources needed to get hard work done daily.

And of course, we know those benefits plans are also critical! Our packages have been put together to reflect how much we value our employees and to create a sense of security in a market that is rapidly changing.

Please discover more about our global and local benefits packages on the vacancy pages.

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Learn more about life in our transatlantic hubs:

Alameda, USA

Alameda is at the intersection of the Biotech Bay and Silicon Valley in California, the leading scientific state in the United States. This Ascend hub is focused on research to build quality into each process from the start.

London, UK

London forms part of the “Golden Biotech Triangle” in the United Kingdom, the leading country in Europe for scientific innovation. Ascenders at this location are focused on internal operational excellence.

Munich, DE

Munich is Germany's top region for biotech and the country ranks second in Europe for leadership in science. The team at this Ascend hub focus on process development and the evolution of the analytical platform.