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Our Munich facility, in southern Germany, features 57,000 SQFT of state-of-the-art process development (PD) and analytical development (AD) labs in the region's largest biotech hub. It is Ascend's centre of gravity, with over fifty employees regularly on site and a lively, sociable culture and welcoming, well-integrated team. Our experts here bring a depth and breadth of experience, focusing especially on: plasmid innovation, cell engineering, and QC, as well as process, capsid, analytical and formulation development.

The site itself sits within a well established and expanding business and industrial complex, slightly outside the city centre but well within reach of the excellent public transport system. Munich is rightly regarded as one of the top three European biotech hub locations, making it an ideal place for us to continue growing sustainable roots in the industry.

For those looking to relocate, Munich is also an attractive place to live and work, and enjoys a reputation for enviable quality of life, with excellent healthcare and schools, internationally renowned museums, music venues, history, and cultural festivals, silhouetted against the impressive scenery of the northern Alps. Munich has been the proud home of German engineering excellence, from Siemens to BMW, for over a century, as well as attracting over 7 million visitors to its iconic Oktoberfest, a favourite with Ascenders.


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